My Friday night. Warning: You will not be jealous.

Stream of consciousness at it’s best comes when I’ve had a few champagne cocktails, as I’ve had in the last hour.

Now, in my defense, I spent the two and a half hours prior to that cleaning my office. Like, I even brought in a friend to help me tackle the cleaning of the office. Mostly, I just like company when I have to clean. Also, I’m super undisciplined unless I’m trying to live up to someone else’s expectations. Even if those expectations are just a friend who is expecting me to clean up my office.

Today is my dad’s birthday. I wrote about it before.  (That post is pretty much when Claire solidified herself in friend for life position – but don’t tell her that – I don’t need her getting all comfortable in that spot on me.)  He would be 63 today.  Which means we’re going on almost 11 years dead.  Which means we’re half way to the point where I’ll have been alive longer without Dad than with Dad.  Time heals all wounds and all, but dang it if I don’t miss him all the time.  He was just so fun.

I’m putting Pinterest to work for me.  That’s right.  I’m taking control, Pinterest.  No longer will you suck me in with your pages and pages of recipes and fashion and dream homes with dream rooms.  Tonight, I take control.

Let me back up a step.  I’m having a few people over for dinner next weekend (including Out of State Mystery Date, aka OOSMD) and I’m trying to find the right recipe for feeding this collection of individuals.  I’ve pinned about 250 recipes on Pinterest.  Surely, one of them is the right one.  So, while I was flipping through the collection, I came across this:

And I decided to make it. It’s 10pm. I’m a little drunk. Let’s slice some apples. I had all of these ingredients on hand and the idea of waking up to the smell of delicious apple cinnamon oatmeal sounded awesome. (PS – I wake up to the smell of delicious things all the time. I live above a coffee shop that bakes all it’s own stuff. This should not have been that big of a deal.) I took zero before pictures because who has time for that when you’re four glasses of champagne into your evening and trying to make overnight oatmeal in a crock pot?! I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out.

In other news, I spent an hour and a half at the gym this morning! It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. I went to an aerobic/toning class and then I got on a treadmill. I didn’t run much – about 2 miles – and it was intervals – but I got back on the horse! Finally. It’s supposed to be gorgeous in STL this weekend so I’m sure I’ll get another run or two in. Plus, I have a 9am Zumba class on the calendar for tomorrow. I’m back, baby doll. (HIMYM reference, FYI.) I decided not to run the STL 1/2 marathon in April. My next actual run is the April 27 Color Run. I may shoot for another fall 1/2 – perhaps the STL Rock and Roll again. I’m already thinking about the 2014 runs. I’m getting Disney medals – I’m running a race at Disneyland and Disney World and then getting the Coast to Coast medal once I complete both. This is happening.

My mom broke my glasses. She didn’t mean to. It’s a long story. I’ve been wearing my back up ones or my contacts. Then I got an email about a super duper sale at my eyeglass place. Last week I went to pick out a new pair. I pick them up tomorrow morning. They’re kind of hipster. I’m pretty excited about them but a little nervous about what people (ahem, my sisters) will say about them. I’ll be sure to post a picture. No worries.

Okay. That’s about all the news fit to print for the evening. I’m settling into this champagne buzz pretty well. The cat and I are in our places on the bed and it’s nice enough this evening to have a window cracked. Just a little. Then again, I like it cold when I sleep.

I have a great day planned for tomorrow. Pick up the hipster glasses, go to the Zumba, probably get to the Indie Craft Fair, finish writing a 10 page paper/test and then go to a fundraiser party for a local restaurant that is thanking donors as it raises money to expand.  I’m not an impressive donor, but a friend of mine is and I’m his tagalong date.

Oh, Friday night.  Pinterest and closet cleaning and open mic night downstairs and champagne and blogging.  I’m really quite okay with this evening.

Sarah vs. the Weekend

Way, way back my virtual pal Kelli wrote a post called Kelli vs. the weekend.  Since then I’ve done a few myself.  They’re alway fun.  She had even made a little button or badge for it.  I wonder where I saved that…

Sarah vs. Pinterest
Oh Pinterest. So many ideas. So little time. While I didn’t get to any of the minor construction projects I hoped to get to (entryway spruce up, magazine rack or anything involving turning an old dresser into a cool tv stand) I DID get an idea on how to rearrange my bedroom furniture!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I have had my bedroom furniture in no less than 5 different configurations. I never thought about this one. My bed is on a wall it’s never been on. My couch is at the foot of the bed. The tv is directly in front of both of those things which means it’s like 25 feet away from me when I’m in bed and since my bedroom tv is 11 inches it is pretty hard to see, but I’m mostly in it for the noise. This set up allows me space to work out between the couch and the tv or sit and meditate or think about doing yoga.
Winner: Pinterest wins this one. I’m still overwhelmed by projects, but chances are that if I didn’t get so time sucked into Pinterest I would have more time to do said projects.

Sarah vs. homework
I had a group paper to finish Saturday, an essay test to begin, and a first draft of an individual assignment outlining my company’s HR strategy due today. Also, I want to re read a few chapters of some books for the essay test and the HR assignment. Also, I want to read some chapters for the first time. Also, I want to read all of these supplemental articles that every professor posts.
Winner: Pinterest.
Kidding. A little.
Ok, for real, homework beat me. I thought we could finish that paper by noon and we didn’t submit it until almost 6pm. I think it’s right on, so that’s good news. One of the essay test questions is super open ended and I don’t even know how to begin it. It requires self reflection – which I hate.

Sarah vs. decision making
Friends, I am at a crossroads. I’m not the most patient person and the only strategy I have right now is to WAIT. Wait for school to be over, wait to find out about a job prospect, wait to see if I should move to something familiar or move to anywhere else, wait to settle down, wait to fill out an application to become a foster parent, wait to buy a house, wait to start studying for the SPHR or the PMP certifications…
A year ago I didn’t feel this way. A year ago I said the following sentence to Adam Science, “I love where I live so much and can’t imagine living anywhere else that if the house across the street from me went up for sale, I’d buy it.” Guess what went on the market 3 days ago – the house across the street. Guess who had an open house today? The house across the street. Guess who went? (This game isn’t that mysterious, is it?)
It is a great house. It’s perfect for me and my imaginary foster kid. It doesn’t have enough closet space, but no city house ever will. Other than that – it had everything. But, I can’t buy a house right now because what if I want to move? I can’t buy a house right now because I have a crap ton of student loans about to come due (although I would probably pay less on a mortgage than I do in rent)…
I’m not looking for advice, or an answer. I know that I have to wait. I don’t know what the right answer is yet. But I am confident that when the right answer is ready, it will present itself to me.
Winner: Lavender candles. They’re supposed to have a calming effect. I’ll be buying them in bulk.

If you’re interested – here’s the house I’m crushing on.

Sarah vs. running
It’s like I’m afraid to do it. I liken it to falling off a horse and being afraid to get back on somehow. I told myself training begins again on March 1. I did no running on March 1. Or 2nd or 3rd for that matter. What’s my damage? What am I scared of?
Winner: My ass. My ass is doing all the gaining in this situation. As in weight.

I am kind of the least put together adult ever. How is it I think I can shape some kind of young mind as a foster parent again? Sheesh.

Okay. In Sarah vs. going to bed, the winner needs to be sleep.


No, I’m not drunk.  Tonight.

It was one of those days where I did the exact opposite of “live each day like it’s your last”.  If this were my last day on earth, I have to say, I fail at life.  Start to finish this was the blah-est day I’ve had in quite some time.  I think there’s something to a post grad school weekend slump.  I’m still tired and miss my school friends and no amount of positive mental attitude-ing was going to make my job okay today.  I’ve spent the last two days coming home from work and immediately falling asleep, only to wake up late in the evening, throwing off my already crummy sleep schedule.

Yikes.  I am crabby.

I was doing some super fun Pinterest browsing to cheer myself up and found my next project!  I need a new tv stand very badly.  My current one is this super cheap thing I bought when I moved to Chicago and it’s devoid of any character or charm.  (Much like me today!)  I saw a picture on some blog of a dresser they repurposed to become a tv stand and I LOVED it!  I couldn’t remember the original blog I saw it on, but PINTEREST TO THE RESCUE!  All I had to do was search “dresser tv stand” and I found several options.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

This project fulfills the need to get a better tv stand, repurpose old furniture, and get a little crafty. I’ll have to start checking out Craigslist for an old dresser I can score inexpensively and then begin working out a construction plan. I can handle just adding plywood reinforcement to create a shelf. I may have to call upon the Hamptons or my brother in law to help out some…I don’t think I have the right saw for the job.

There it is. The idea that offers some salvation to my otherwise waste of a day.

I found my legs when Keith came back…

I know.  That title made no sense to you.  It makes sense to me.

When I started running I was using a Couch to 5K app that talked to me over my music.  There was a masculine voice that told me when to start running and when to start walking and when I was half way done and when it was time to cool down.  I named him Keith.  Keith whispered sweet “You are halfway done” messages into my ear.

As I got into a three mile run stride, there was less need for Keith.  I was running the 5K.  I missed Keith.  I had two weeks of rough runs.  I did 4 miles almost a month ago, my 5 mile was okay, and then there was a stressful school week where many, many assignments were converging in a yellow wood, and I, I took the path that led to a master’s degree.  And that has made all the difference in my running.  But, as soon as my last grad school weekend (which was amazing and included friends throughout Ohio, boats, drum circles, clarity and crazy professors) I took a new approach.  I fired up my Bridge to 10K app.  Yes, I got back in touch with Keith.  Keith and I had a freakin’ fantastic run.  And the runs have been good since.  I’m still a little concerned I’m not getting as many runs in as I would like, or as would make me best prepared for 1/2 marathon which is soo quickly approaching.  But, I feel better with Keith by my side a little longer.

The heat is making running this week an indoor event.  It is oppressive!  I had this beautiful 5.5 day weekend and there is so much going on here in The Lou, but it’s too hot to do any of it comfortably.  Especially since I’m a sweater.  Not a knitted article of clothing one dons when chilly, I’m a sweaty gal.  It’s disgusting.  It’s who I am.  I need to move to a lower humidity and cooler climate.  Canada is probably the answer, as it is to so many of my life problems.

My friend Alex was in from Boston last week for a benefit concert and a baby shower.  His wife wasn’t able to travel in because she’s close to the due date, so Alex was a trooper and braved a baby shower and the oohing and ahhing over tiny baby clothes all on his own.

Dad to be and me

I stage managed said benefit concert.  It was the 20th anniversary of a community theatre scholarship program that Alex was a winner of, along with many other people I went to high school or worked in community theatre with.

Ten years ago my dad died on a Tuesday morning in June.  That summer I was the assistant director and stage manager for 1776, with Alex in the director’s chair.  Our cast was an amazing group of mostly old men, because that’s who our founding fathers were.  And I’ll never forget calling Alex to tell him what happened and telling him that I would still be at rehearsal that night.  There was nothing left to do at home and I’d need to get out of my house.  The cast, crew and orchestra took amazing care of me that summer.  Several of them were at the benefit concert as well, including my most favorite high school teacher.  I was so proud to have been asked back.  I am happy to repay them for a kindness they may not realize they bestowed on me.

In other news, school is cool.  I am so happy with the program and the people.  That doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with some of it, and it doesn’t mean I understand the assignments or professors all the time, or am eager to jump into a project with each member of the cohort – but it means I know I’m learning.  And I’m being seen as successful by professors and colleagues.  I’m so happy I did this –

Someone asked me recently what the next big thing would be.  I tried to create a “vision board” of goals on Pinterest.  I came up short.  I have no idea what the next big thing is.  I have no idea what to conquer next.  I don’t think it’s a house because that implies I’m in the place I want to stay – and I don’t know that I’ll stay in The Lou once I’m done with school.  I’d like to open myself up to the world.  At least the United States.  I’m sure I could focus more energy on the health aspect of the running.  Running is all fine and good, but I need to up the cross training and overall fitness quotient in addition to cleaner eating.   Is it relationship related?  Gentleman Friend and I need to make some decisions about what happens next and I can’t definitively say what I want those decisions to be.  I think about what I want on the Christmas card this year…I like my streak of “year in review” type cards…what goes there?  I’m hoping a photo of me finishing the half marathon where I don’t look like I want to collapse makes it.  Maybe a photo of my upcoming trips to Outer Banks or the December trip to Universal Studios (Harry Potter!!)?


Two glasses of wine and two of cherry brandy are leading me to wrap this up.  Talk to you soon.


Glitter shoes!

Pinterest love is paying off.  It is officially doing what I believe it’s intention was, which is to share ideas and inspire crafty-ness.

I saw this picture:


I read these instructions.

I did this:

Take shoes that had been ruined by grates along the streets of Chicago.

Channel Martha Stewart with glue and glitter.

Start painting the heels while watching Top Chef.

Take a moment to congratulate yourself for picking the PERFECT color glitter.

Clean up mess before glitter cat footprints are everywhere, including this laptop.

Enjoy party shoes that have been given a new life!  Now…must find place to where the party shoes…