Good news, bad news

Let’s play a little game I like to call: Which do you want first?

Oh, the good news?


The littlest sister got married!

The littlest sister got married!

  • Littlest sister got married last Friday!  It was a lovely ceremony in Tower Grove Park.
  • I got to see a lot of family in a short amount of time because of the wedding.
Mostly this little baby!

Mostly this little baby!

  • Baby Avery was the flower girl and my cute nephews pulled her down the aisle in a wagon.
  • I got lots of pictures of my sister and my goddaughter.
Avery loves standing right now.

Avery loves standing right now.

  • Avery has earned the nickname “Stone Cold” among the family because she is a very serious baby.  She’s always looking at you like you’re just a little bit stupid.  I love that she’s very serious – I hope she grows up to love Jane Austen like Aunt Sarah.
So, while I was trying to get a pic of Avery and my bro-in-law...

So, while I was trying to get a pic of Avery and my bro-in-law…

Em is making this face trying to get a smile out of her.  This made me chuckle.

Em is making this face trying to get a smile out of her. This made me chuckle.

  • I got to hang out with “far away” Grandma.  It is always wonderful to spend time with granny and this time I taught her how to pose for selfies in this day and age…
...the duck face!

…the duck face!

  • There is the family you are born into and then there is Claire – and Saturday morning I got to hang out with the family I choose.  Claire and I met for breakfast at the new Rooster location on South Grand.  We weren’t sure we’d be able to connect this trip and I’m so happy it worked out.  I always need a dose of Claire.
  • I finished off the weekend by seeing Whiplash at the indie theatre down the street with my pals and then had them over for dinner afterwards.  Rex, Kevin, Peter and I enjoyed the movie a lot.  It’s an intense look at how people are motivated, what makes greatness, and a sick twist about ego and pride.  I think we were all happy to come back to my cozy house and relax after that.  It was dark and rainy and Peter and Kevin were on fire duty.  I learned about making newspaper knots to help start the fire better, make it burn hotter.


Dinner was lovely, the gentlemen enjoyed everything (Italian Pork Roast, roasted cauliflower with parmesan & thyme, butternut squash soup, mixed greens, and gooey butter cake for dessert!) and all three went back for 2nds on dessert.  Gooey butter cake for the win!

  • Spontaneous song!  At dinner there was discussion about who first sang “Leaving on a Jet Plane” – John Denver or Peter, Paul & Mary.  I was sure it was PP&M.  Peter was sure it was John Denver. Rex is quick with the google and Peter wins.  He celebrates by starting off the song, I jump in and then the other two piped in.  It was a lot of fun.  Also impressive is how well we all knew that song.

Now for some bad news:

  • Littlest sister is still kind of a brat.  I always think one of these days she’ll grow up, see the bigger picture, but that weekend was not this past weekend.  I’m sure it will come across really mean if I give a lot of detail, so I won’t, but that sister won’t ever be my favorite person.  I like to do nice things for people and I’m at the end of my rope wanting to do nice things for her.
  • I still get a little heartsick anytime I’m in Tower Grove Park.
  • I missed the OSU v. Indiana game on Saturday.  My mom’s cousin gave me his awesome tickets (club seats!) for the game since he was going to be on vacation.  I was so excited to attend my first game.  The game time was 5pm.  On the tickets it was 5pm.  On the schedule it was 5pm.  I had changed my flight to leave STL and get back to Columbus by 1pm – that was the earliest I could get back.  I had plans to go straight to Rex’s house and we were going to do some abbreviated tailgating and get to the game.  Rex texted me Friday afternoon and told me to google the game time – it was now noon.  I thought he was kidding.  What?  Is that a thing?  How do you just change game times?  Something about game broadcast schedules and such.  I wished Rex fun at the game, told him to find a worthy game companion, and made plans for breakfast with Claire (silver lining!!).  So, I missed another season of OSU football AND the worst part is I have to come up with a new Christmas card picture.  I was all ready for it to be a pic of me with the field behind me or me and Brutus Buckeye.  Sigh.
  • Newspaper knots are not working for me tonight.  There will be no Monday night fire because after going through all of the remaining Sunday paper, I still could not get the logs to catch.   I do not know what I’m doing wrong tonight – log placement?  space between the wood?  Oh well.
  • I’m watching Ferguson on CNN.  You never want your hometown to be on national news as the site of the next potential race riot.  The grand jury verdict should be coming out any moment.  I want there to be non-violent reactions to this news – whatever it is.  I’ll keep the rest of my opinions on this to myself, opinions on this are plenty and sharing mine doesn’t help anything.  I will share this blog post, written by a St. Louis pediatrician, Dr. Ken Haller.  Ex Hubs knew Dr. Haller through the theatre group they both worked with and I met him on a few occasions.  He wrote this and posted it to FB a few days ago and the STL Post Dispatch and a radio station picked it up.  I believe people can react how they feel they must.  I understand being compelled to certain reactions.  Just listen to Dr. Haller’s words and think of how the children in the community will be affected.

“American” Thanksgiving, where pilgrims ate marshmallows

Happy early Thanksgiving!

Dinner was sooo good!  I wrote about all the recipes I was prepping a couple nights ago, and let me tell you the prep work made tonight so easy!  I woke up early this morning to stuff the herb paste into the turkey skin, let it stay wrapped up in the fridge all day, and had hardly any work to do tonight.  My consultant friends showed up, we chatted in the kitchen, they commented on how lovely the dining room looked, and they helped make the fire.  AND, maybe most importantly I can cross off “Make s’mores in a fireplace” off my List of Things to do Before I Die!

This girl loves "dat cat" maybe more than I do. I think she Instagrammed about 3 pictures of him and I saw him on Facebook too.

This girl loves “dat cat” maybe more than I do. I think she Instagrammed about 3 pictures of him and I saw him on Facebook too.

I put CB to work on making fire.  He taught me a much better log placement to start the fire than I had been doing.

I put CB to work on making fire. He taught me a much better log placement to start the fire than I had been doing.

My turkey!  Doing just turkey breasts was awesome and the platter came out lovely.

My turkey! Doing just turkey breasts was awesome and the platter came out lovely.

This picture does not even do these bad boys justice.  The brown butter, hazelnut green beans were delicious!

This picture does not even do these bad boys justice. The brown butter, hazelnut green beans were delicious!

Finished cheesecake - pronounced a hit by all.

Finished cheesecake – pronounced a hit by all.

...and then all had a good night... watching Elf.

…and then all had a good night… watching Elf…

...and making s'mores.

…and making s’mores.

I’m sitting here very happy this evening.  I love a lovely table, delicious food, happy guests, and s’mores.  I’m so fortunate I’ve met this group.  I’m reminded of something I heard at the OD Conference in my Mindfulness in the Organization session.  Dr. Brendel said something along the lines of – Imagine all the things that had to happen to get you in this room.  When you think about how many things had to happen so that this group of people are together in this time and space – it’s really too much to wrap your mind around.  How many choices made, roads not taken, missed connections, dreams chased, hopes dashed… This group of five people from all over the country all in my house enjoying a very comfortable evening – what are the chances?

Good night, dear friends.


A: Ladies 80’s night & Bachelorette Parties

Q: Where to not take pictures so there is no proof later?

I’m on a roll, friends.  A Birthday Month, no holds barred, maybe more events than I can handle roll.

This group of 6 consultants that I hang out with occasionally (and have over for dinner and Wii dancing) found out about “Ladies 80’s” night at a local bar.  It is exactly what it sounds like – a ladies night with all 80’s music for dancing the night away.  They invited the whole program team, and since I enjoy the group and have a tiny, little, innocent crush on one of them, I was sure to go.  I invited my favorite co-worker, three or four other project team members showed up and we had an absolute blast last Thursday night.  I drank a tad too much vodka (read: much too much. Luckily, the worst thing I did that night is lose my glasses.  I’m sure I was a dance floor maniac, but no one seems to care.  We had a super fun time.

So much fun that I missed my flight the next morning… I was headed to Florida for a bachelorette weekend.  I had a 7:10am flight.  I got home at 3am from Ladies 80’s night.  One could probably see this coming.  I had two alarms set for that morning, was all packed…to no avail.  I bolted up in bed at 7am, looked at the clock, texted the bride telling her I’d be on a later flight due to “flight issues” (I told her the truth once I was there in person) and called the airline to see what my options were.  Luckily, Southwest Airlines rules all and as long as I got to the airport within 2 hours of my original departure time they would put me on standby flights to get there.  I missed the beautiful non-stop from Columbus to Orlando, so I don’t land in Florida until 2pm.  But, the only thing I missed out on was going to the new Harry Potter World which will be there next time.  And, it might have been worth it to party the night before with the gang.

We had a big beach house in New Smyrna, FL for the weekend and had a really nice weekend.  Again, I have no pictures of this.  10 girls, so many bottles of liquor, wine and beer, dance parties, laying on the beach, Cards Against Humanity, dancing at a townie bar and ice cream sundaes.  There is the weekend in a nutshell.  I got home late Sunday evening and charged into the week ahead.  I had a happy hour with a woman I’m becoming friendly with Monday night.  She and her husband are some of my new favorite Columbus-ites and it was nice to hang out with her for a while.  It was beautiful Monday night here so I went for a walk in the Short North neighborhood after that.  (Amazing how functional I am after an actual happy “hour” with one drink.)

This afternoon I got home a little early (I start early on Tuesday mornings because of my calls with India.  Yup – I’m international.)  I went for a run and then whipped up a new Sweet Potato recipe for a Pinterest Party!  I have gotten into lately and joined a home cooks/bakers group.  Tonight was my first event with them and the theme was to bring a dish that you’ve had pinned but have never made.  It was such a good idea!  I thought I’d take the opportunity to test out a potential Thanksgiving Side dish recipe – Mashed sweet potatoes with kale and boursin cheese.

Photo from A Family Feast blog

Photo from A Family Feast blog


I was happy to see so many savory dishes – including an awesome roasted zucchini pasta salad, cuban sliders and a watermelon mint salad. Dessert highlight was the creme brulee cheesecake!

This is the best potluck in town!

There were about 18 people and everyone was super nice.  It was a really nice evening.

Non stop fun continues this week with an alumni event on Thursday, the Craft Beer Festival on Friday night, my friend Kristy coming to visit Saturday for this vintage flea market and an early birthday dinner, and a Soup Cooking Class/demo on Sunday!

content Sarah and the finished wall!

content Sarah and the finished wall!

Cat and door in the picture for size context.

Cat and door in the picture for size context.


First, watch this little clip from HIMYM:

My turn…

Miracle – my sister scheduling my niece’s (and soon to be goddaughter’s!!) baptism for the first weekend of August despite me trying to persuade her to reschedule it for reasons that are fairly ridiculous.  I got a second wind slap in the face from the recent break up today and came home to listen to some Cowboy Mouth, the official soundtrack of break ups.  Then I decided this was a serious enough break up situation that I need them in concert and was willing to drive to a nearby city to make this happen if need be.  Cowboy Mouth will be in St. Louis the weekend of the baptism!  Woo!  Ticket procured.  I’m ready.  I can’t even remember the last concert of theirs I went to, which means it’s been waaaay too long.  Some have religion, I have Cowboy Mouth.  Appropriate for baptism weekend, really.

Now that I think about, this week (outside of the above mentioned break up nonsense relapse) has been full of things that went my way.  I got an unexpected extension on this project that had become the monkey on my back.  I have been struggling with a work assignment for months.  It’s a smaller assignment, I could have knocked it out if I had put the attention on it, I had reached the point where I thought if I avoided it – maybe it would be forgotten about.  No such luck, but an unexpected shift in the deadline and a push by me to get it done means I can stop dreading this thing!

I got a second chance to fill my house with some good entertaining moments.  I had a housewarming/Tres de Mayo party (Cinco was a Monday) that ended with some drunken shenanigans (not my own) that have always left a bad taste in my mouth about the evening.  This past Tuesday I invited the 6 consultants that travel to Columbus each week to my house for dinner to give them a break from hotels and restaurants.  It ended up being a great night – but any night that ends in people playing Just Dance on the Wii is a good night!

I recently gave a presentation on Org Change Management to an IT group at Nationwide during their annual meeting.  It went well, and I received good feedback from the leaders on it.  That’s good news because I want to be very successful at NW, but the most exciting part of that is the random email I got a few days later from a woman who attended saying, “You were funny.  I know you’re still kind of new here – want to get lunch?”  Umm, yeah I do!  To top that off, I got an email from someone else who was there saying they are arranging a large all team meeting (about 250 ppl) and want me to speak to that group also.

There comes a time in the post break up/dealing with stuff phase that I stop looking backwards and switch gears to what lies ahead.  Today is that day.

I’m looking at a four day weekend ahead (I took off Monday too) where I will finally begin work on the kitchen!  I pushed it back a couple days for the following reasons:

1. Didn’t want the wall torn up with people coming over for dinner Tuesday night.

2. I need to buy a crow bar to pull this dang backsplash down.

3. And I need to understand what joint compound is and how to use it.

I may walk to my little neighborhood’s 4th of July parade tomorrow morning.  I may go see a showing of 1776 at the local theatre this weekend (Mr. Feeney as John Adams!).  I’ll take a break from the kitchen Saturday night to go to this supposedly awesome brewery in a town about an hour away with some friends.  I’ll say yes to the BBQ invite I got from a newer co-worker for Sunday afternoon.  And I’m taking Rex on his first trip to Ikea/Jungle Jim’s on Monday.  That is a BIG day for him, I don’t even think he realizes!

When the hermit is ready, the social life appears!

A moment of Zen.

Zen moment: Slipping into your own bathrobe after getting out of your shower after being on the road since last Thursday. Ahhhhh.

Zen moment: Getting the most amazing massage of my life.  The massage therapist told me she could feel my body wanting to get back to center.

Zen moment: Realizing just how clean my laptop screen is now and how much easier it is to see things on it after OOSMD cleaned it for me.

It’s the middle zen moment I’d like to focus on.  I’ve been dealing with this sciatic thing that just won’t die and I thought seeing a good massage therapist might just be the thing I need.  There is this very spiritual (read: hippie dippie) place near me and I made an appointment there.  I had been before and I love when anyone will talk to me about my chakras.  This appointment was awesome.  I know it sounds a little flaky if you don’t buy into the mind/body/spirit connection (which I struggle with at times myself) but I could feel clarity as she was pressing certain parts or working out certain spots.  I really tried to abandon thought and just be present and center myself, if you will.  Which is why I just love what she said after wards, “I could feel your body trying to get back to center.”

That’s how I feel.  Like I’m trying to get back to center.  I wrote about feeling really out of whack in January and February here, and I can’t believe it’s the end of March.  I know I feel better in March, probably largely in part to consistently taking the broken brain drugs.  I still don’t feel together, right?  I just feel like my schedule is running my life, and not like I’m running my schedule.  This isn’t even an interesting or unique problem, I just want to feel like I have my life under control a little bit.

So, after getting home from a few travel days that seemed to have no end (St. Louis got 12 inches of snow – not a travel friendly event – but I’m told it was real pretty) I decided to get some control back straight away.  I always seem to crave a really good workout the day after a grad school weekend.  Tonight, while it would have been easier to come home and veg out, making the excuse that I had been up since 5am to get on various planes to get back home, and then spending all afternoon at work, etc I popped in this workout dvd, grabbed the weighted gloves and started kicking and punching things.  And by things, I mean the air.  AND THEN, I did something I’ve been putting off for months.  (No, not my dishes my smarty pants friends who have seen my apartment and read this.)  I popped in a guided meditation dvd that Claire gave me.  And I spent some time meditating.

Yoga and meditation are always on my list of things To Do... The secret, “One Day I’ll….” to do list.  We all have one.  I’m forever saying “One day I’ll get to a yoga class…”  I should go.  Maybe it would help this sciatic thing.  Here’s the thing – what if I was terrible at meditation?  If I never try, I’d never know I’m bad at it.  Ignorance is bliss.  Let me explain.

For pretty much my entire life I wanted a unicycle.  Was convinced that I had a natural ability to ride a unicycle.  Why did I think this?  Because I was really good at riding a bike with no hands as a kid.  Seriously.  I had all the confidence in the world that I would be a unicycle prodigy.  All I needed to do was get on one.  Then, a couple of years ago, Adam Science bought me a unicycle, in what was one of the coolest Christmas presents ever.  I was then flooded with fear and self doubt.  It was time to put up or shut up.  I would have to get on the unicycle.  I put it off forever.  It was too cold, too rainy, too windy, we needed concrete – nah, we needed grass….  Until one day my sister and brother in law decided they kind of wanted to try it also so we adjusted the seat and tried it out.  And guys, I am NOT a natural at the unicycle.  (Although part of me really just thinks it was because I was wearing jeans.  Who rides a unicycle in jeans?  If I had some yoga pants on, I could totally ride the unicycle.)

I had a point.  After a school weekend, I just wanted to get home and try to get to center.  So, I meditated.  And I wasn’t terrible at it.  I got through it.  It’s probably because I was wearing yoga pants.

Fun things from my camera this month:

I got the sweetest (literally) package from Kelli!  My very talented and small business super woman friend owns a bakery in Little Rock, Arkansas and it is a testament to how much homework I’m doing that I have not spent a Saturday just making a road trip Little Rock, just to get some cupcakes.  Seriously, follow the Sweet Love Bakery on Facebook and once you read the flavors and see the pictures she posts, you’ll want to go with me.  These treats arrived at the perfect time!  I was pressed for time and wasn’t planning on making much of a dessert for a dinner at my house. Everyone loved the choices they got for dessert instead.  My sister was especially over the moon with the cake pops.  You rule, Kelli.







I went on a tour of the plant where they make Purell.  My favorite classmate works there and before grad school weekend I stopped in Akron, OH for a tour.  I haven’t been in a lot of factories in my day, but it look a lot like I thought it would.  You know, just like this:

laverne shirleyOkay.  It wasn’t quite like this.  But it did have more people in it than I thought.  Not as many robots.  I’ve really only ever been on the AB Brewery tour which is almost all robots, so it was interesting to see production lines with people.  It smells really good in a factory where they make soap.  There are giant tanks of products.  AND, I got this:

IMG_7794I watched this particular bottle go through the filler, the capper, the labeler and then just before it got boxed, my classmate grabbed it for me.  I saw this bottle from start to finish on the assembly line!  I wanted the workers on that line to autograph it, but I was told that was weird.  What’s weird is how excited I am about this bottle of Purell.  I don’t really use Purell, or hand sanitizer of any kind.  I welcome germs.  I wash my hands, I know about food safety, what are we anti-bacterialing ourselves from?  I’m getting old enough where I say “When we were kids…” a lot more.*  But seriously, I’ve lived a relatively healthy lifestyle so far without frequent application of the stuff.  I will admit, seeing this bottle from infancy does create an emotional tie to it…we’ll see.

* Also with regards to people being a few minutes late (“We didn’t have cell phones when I was a kid!”), kids on vacation (“When I was a kid you had to talk to your siblings and look out the window, not play your handheld games!”) and responsibility in general (“When I was a kid there were consequences!  We should feel remorse for making a bad decision!”)




My week in five songs

This WordPress daily inspiration caught my eye over the weekend:

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.

It’s Monday – so here we go going back a week ago tonight.

Don’t let me get me by Pink

There’s a line in the song, “I’m a hazard to myself.”  Sometimes I am.  I like to self diagnose myself as “better” pretty regularly so then I decide I can stop taking the “crazy pill”.  Save your lectures.  I’ve actually heard them all before.  January and February were no exception and by late February/early March I was not doing well.  And it took a well timed phone call from a friend who recognized the symptoms to straighten me out.  I found myself sitting at my kitchen island pouring my guts out and recognizing feelings I usually try to stuff in a tiny box.  It was weird, man.  She made me promise her I would do two things the next day – take the Zoloft and go to Zumba.  I did both.  And I felt better.  And I did the same thing the next day, and the next.  And I feel better.

You can’t stop the beat by the cast of Hair Spray

Ex Hubs and I never really had a song, because while he loved music, we rarely listened to any together.  He didn’t listen to music in the car (except the Once soundtrack and that was a monumental occasion when I found out he BOUGHT a CD to PLAY in the CAR!).  But, we did see a lot of movies and musicals.  And I am bad at song lyrics.  And I kept singing the lyrics to this song wrong for the week following seeing the movie.  And it’s in my weekly roundup for these lyrics:

Cause you cant stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the sun in the sky
You can wonder if you wanna
But I never ask why
And if you try to hold me down 
I’m gonna spit in your eye and say 
That you cant stop the beat!

Oh oh oh
You can’t stop today
As it comes speeding down the track
Child, yesterday is hist’ry
And it’s never coming back

I went to this shindig with him for a couple hours Saturday night and it’s so easy and comfortable and the past is the past and it’s never coming back.  And because he and I are friends doesn’t stop any kind of forward motion in our lives.  Also, every now and then he still knows EXACTLY what I need and Saturday night it was, “Okay, I know you want to talk about the menu for this little dinner party you’re having this weekend – have at it.”  And guys, I DID want to talk about the menu for the dinner party!  (Do you think I could start one more sentence with “and”?)

Arms by Christina Perri

1.  It’s a beautiful song.

2. It’s about a chick with boundaries who thinks about letting someone in.  So… OOSMD is coming to STL for the first time this weekend.  I’ve become a little weird about my space.  Letting someone see your house for the first time is really personal, right?  Is this just me?  Which is good – because I know I’ll feel comfortable in my house and not mildly anxiety riddled like I get when I’m a houseguest at his place.  For the past week I’ve been looking at my place trying to see it like someone who has never been there will see it.

There is cat hair everywhere.

Mostly all I can think about is: I’m going to have to explain to someone why the washer and dryer are set up like they are.  I forget that it’s weird until I have to explain to someone.  I’ll post a picture sometime.  This is a weird concept to explain.  I’ve just created such a safe zone in my apartment and I don’t let just anyone in the safe zone.  There’s been this distance to this relationship that exists in places that aren’t my home so far – which has been frustrating and…safe.  Sigh.  Nevermind.  I’m so weird.

Feel this moment by Pitbull, featuring Christina Aguilera

This was a new song in my Zumba class that made me smile and feel good.  I’ve been using it whenever I needed a little dance break during studying and homework all weekend.

Feeling good by Michael Buble

Because I saw this video:

Enough said.  Watch the clip.  It’s so cool.  You will not regret it.

Sarah meets Smitten Kitchen


Guys.  I met this lady.

Yes.  This is Deb Perelman, aka, The Smitten Kitchen.

Inspiration of food photography and creator of my favorite strawberry cake.  I cannot stress how much she is exactly the kind of food photographer and writer I strive for.  Simple. Real. Charming. Funny. And very, very talented.

IMG_7696I won’t gush so much.  I’ll mostly let pictures do the talking in this post.  Sauce Magazine hosted an event where she spoke, did a little demo of the dessert that was made (which was really funny, because apparently none of the pre-measured ingredients the staff put out for her were correct and she kept picking something up and commenting on the fact that it wasn’t right – “Just do it like the book tells you – do not pay attention to what I’m doing now.”  You probably had to be there.) and we got a three course lunch, with recipes from the book.  Naturally.

This was part of our first course.  I ate mine before I thought to take a picture.

This was part of our first course. I ate mine before I thought to take a picture.

She said that when she was approached to write a cookbook she was actually pretty against the idea.  So she made all kinds of demands that surely no publisher would indulge.  She wanted to put as many photos in as she felt necessary for each recipe.  She wanted to tell the stories about the recipes similarly to how she did on her blog.  And she insisted on a book with lay flat binding.  The publisher let her have all those things.  And the story she tells about this first dish, a kale/cherry/radish/goat cheese/pecan salad starts with this line “I have spent a good part of the last few years believing that the world would be a better place if we could all stop pretending that kale tastes good.”  See?  She’s funny!

This was the main course.  Once again, no thought of cameras until it was gone.  It was just soooo good looking.

This was the main course. Once again, no thought of cameras until it was gone. It was just soooo good looking.

I know.  I’m the worst.  How could I forget to take a picture of food before eating it?  Oh well.  It was this:

IMG_7738 IMG_7740

And it was awesome.

I did remember to take a picture of dessert before inhaling it.  It was a grapefruit olive oil pound cake and it was great.  I’m not a person who eats grapefruit ever, but I love citrus and this was simple and delicious.  My new friend and tablemate (I went to this shindig alone because I don’t have friends who get my food nerd thing here and sure enough, there are other people like me out there.  I was very quickly approached by another lone fan and we were fast friends by the end) and I very seriously discussed licking the plate.

It may not look like much.  But it was so, so good.

It may not look like much. But it was so, so good.

After lunch Deb came around to each table to sign our books.  I loved that!  At other book signings I’ve been to a long line forms and you get about 5 seconds with this person you came to see.  Not with Deb.  She chatted, had a seat at tables, took pictures, etc.  I could tell this made the event organizers antsy because it took longer, but I like that Deb was still doing things her way – just like the cookbook.  If I were just some normal person who had gotten some fame for just being myself – you bet your booty I’d want to spend some real time with the people who thought I was cool and thank them and know them as well.  I am just a huge fan of this woman!

I was also glad for this style, because I wanted to take a minute and tell her that she had inspired me.  I brought one of the 42 pictures of hers that hangs on my wall for her to sign.  I wanted to tell her I had 42 of her pictures hanging on my wall.  I wanted to tell her she was cool.  And I got to do that.  She said she was really touched to learn about the photo collage I have (I had a picture of it and showed her the whole thing also).  Sigh.  Food nerd hero worship.  I’m just really happy I got to meet her.

IMG_7724 IMG_7720


I now add her book to my little collection of signed cookbooks…

Rick Bayless, Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) and Deb Perelman (Smitten Kitchen)

Rick Bayless, Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) and Deb Perelman (Smitten Kitchen)

And now it’s time to get cooking!  There are so many delicious recipes in this book.  AND, they’re just slightly elevated versions of totally normal food.  Nothing is overly pretentious or crazy.  It’s just really good, tested recipes.  I think I may have a houseguest for a weekend in March and my sister and Claire are joining us for dinner one night…I see a Smitten Kitchen menu in our future.


I wonder if Deb wants to come over for dinner too.  Thanks for stopping in STL, Deb!  You made this food nerd very happy!

I wonder if Deb wants to come over for dinner too. Thanks for stopping in STL, Deb! You made this food nerd very happy!