Sarah v. the weekend, vol 6

It’s Sarah vs. the weekend, volume 6, y’all!

  • I cooked dinner Friday night!  This is generally not remarkable except that I have completely lost my appetite the last couple of weeks.  I’m not cooking much, have no desire to get take out, just not hungry.  But, Friday night, inspired by Sarah’s Farm Fresh Zucchini, I made a zucchini “pasta” with pesto and salmon.  It was easy and really good.  It felt nice to eat real food.  Sarah vs. no appetite….winner: Vegetables!  Just a couple of months ago I was in a crazy unhealthy eating pattern, dealing with stress with a fair amount of binge eating.  I know not eating isn’t healthy either, so making a real meal with real food that was delicious wins.  

Use the mandolin to make the "zoodles"

Use the mandolin to make the “zoodles”

Saute zoodles with some Sarah's Farm Fresh cherry tomatoes

Saute zoodles with some Sarah’s Farm Fresh cherry tomatoes

Stir in some pesto at the end of the saute and add a piece of baked salmon on top.

Stir in some pesto at the end of the saute and add a piece of baked salmon on top.  Yum.

  • Saturday morning was the Color Run.  If you’ve read this blog for a minute you’ll know this is one of my favorite events.  This is the third year I’ve run the race.  My friend Kristy ran with me this year.  Something was just off from the very beginning though…I’m sure it’s me and my blah mood lately, but even the color run couldn’t work it’s magic on me this year.  Kristy is more of a walker than a runner, the color stations were really crowded, the music at the color party at the end wasn’t awesome.  I don’t know.  Sarah vs. The Color Run…winner: Doing what you say you’re going to do.  I’m glad I went.  I’m glad I kept the Color Run streak going.  I have hope that next year will be better and I’ll look back on this one and smile that I did it, even in my funky mood.  


Post Co;or Run 2014.  Even the post photo isn't as fun.

Post Color Run 2014. Even the post photo isn’t as fun and bright.  I’m just off this year. 

Color Run 2013 - super happy!

Color Run 2013 – super happy!

Post Color Run 2012... One of my favorite pics of me ever.

Post Color Run 2012… One of my favorite pics of me ever.

  • Once the Color Run was over I had to get cleaned up and book it to the local Mazda dealership.  I brought Molly Mazda (my 2005 Mazda 3) in Thursday morning and the service center called Friday evening to tell me the car needed a fair amount of work.  Lots of little things, and mostly standard maintenance, that all added up.  Struts and brake pads and rotors and alignment and brake fluid flush and a heat shield and something about air in the fuel line…I was thinking about buying a car next year, so putting the nearly 3K into the car now seemed silly.  I spent some time Friday night looking at their pre-owned selection knowing that I needed to go in with a plan.  I can be easily persuaded, so I needed to be firm in what I wanted.  I found a Mazda 3 (I just really like this car) 2011 hatchback model with about 34K miles.  Done.  That’s what I wanted.  When I got to the dealership Saturday around noon it was pretty busy.  The service guy (who may be the nicest person I’ve ever met in my life) introduced me to a sales guy and we started talking about what I wanted.  I told him I saw three pre-owned cars on their website last night that I’d like to look at – told him what my budget was – and where I wanted to be for a monthly payment.  The little blue hatchback I saw online sold the night before.  There was a pre-owned CX-7 I wanted to check out, just for fun.  I test drive it.  It’s way too big.  After that he tries to talk me into a lease on a new CX-5, my most favorite model.  He’s persuasive.  He has me test drive a new 2014 Mazda 3.  I tell him I’ll think about the lease while I’m out in that one.  This is when I call Ex Hubs who is on standby during my car buying experience.  Ex Hubs talks me down from the sales pitch and I remember the plan I came in with.  When I get back to the dealership (all these test drives are me alone – this is different from the last time I bought a car where the sales guy came with) I ask him to review the pre-owned stock for 2011 or newer Mazda 3, preferably hatchback, and with a moon roof.  We’re back on track.  He brings around two cars – a 2011 really pretty blue one with black cloth interior and a 2012 silver one with black leather interior.  The 2012 was the Grand Touring model.  Meaning, it was pretty tricked out, I mean, for me.  Leather seats with seat warmers, the locks that lock automatically when you put it in drive, Bluetooth, auto headlights, and Bose sound system.  I loved it.  I actually like the interior of the 2012 more than the 2014 – I think in trying to make it minimal they made it ugly.  So, while I like the blue color better, overall the silver car is clearly the winner.  Heated seats!  That’s the dream!   It drives so nicely.  I decide on this one and then probably wait another 2 hours to do paperwork with my sales guy and then the finance guy.  Overall I’m at the dealer for about 5.5 hours.  While I’m waiting I get the keys to Molly Mazda back and transfer the stuff I had in it to the new car.  That’s when it hits me I have to leave her there.  Oh Molly.  The first car I ever bought.  Nearly a decade of memories.  I had a moment to say goodbye.  Then I just left her there.  Sigh.  The universe is conspiring to make sure I don’t end 2014 with anything I started the year with.  Sarah vs. the unexpected new car…Winner: Molly Mazda for being a great companion for the last 9.5 years.  
Introducing... Ted Mosby.  Yes, I named my car Ted Mosby.  I wanted him in my life and I feel this is how the universe answered me.

Introducing… Ted Mosby. Yes, I named my car Ted Mosby. I wanted him in my life and I feel this is how the universe answered me.


What can I say – I just really like the Mazda 3. Zoom Zoom.


Oooh - pretty interior.

Oooh – pretty interior.

  • Sunday morning was the first time I took Ted out for a spin.  We drove across town to an 8:15am Jazzercise class.  It was a nice way to start the day – gave me energy for all the stuff on my list of things to do today, since I wasn’t expecting to spend so long at the dealership yesterday.  I stopped at the grocery store after working out and then Lowe’s for a few things I needed for chores around the house.  It was nice to tool around town in a car that had that new car smell.  Sarah vs. Sunday morning…Winner: Sarah!  Get up, get going, and get stuff done!
  • The biggest undertaking of the day was wallpapering the accent wall.  The wallpaper arrived Friday and that meant I didn’t need to let another weekend go by without some progress on the kitchen.  Here’s what’s happening with the kitchen… I got the phone call from the counter top people last Friday who tell me they can’t install then until July 31.  Meaning I can’t tile the backsplash until the weekend of August 9th because the first weekend of August is my soon to be god daughter’s baptism.  I started this kitchen adventure July 3rd.  Until August 10th.  Sheesh.  Anyway – two very important things got done today – the accent wall and the drawer and cabinet pulls!  Wallpapering was an adventure.  I haven’t done that in a really long time – since my grandparents bathroom when I was in college, maybe?  I for sure had a mis-step or two, but after the second strip I had it down.  Sarah vs. DIY kitchen projects… Winner: Accent walls.  It’s so fun and it makes me smile and looks like me.  I can’t wait to get this whole thing done and share the final after pictures.  
There it is!  Orange with clip art-y utensils.  I pretty much love it

There it is! Orange with clip art-y utensils. I pretty much love it!

I have cabinet pulls!

I have cabinet pulls!

I have drawer pulls!

I have drawer pulls!

Since I had the drill out and was feeling so good about knocking stuff off the list, I thought I’d hang the new curtain in my half bathroom.  When I went to IKEA a couple weeks ago I bought the curtain panel and hanging system… so I thought.  Turns out I didn’t buy all the pieces required so I had to order a mounting system and sliding rail for this panel and wait for them to get shipped.  I spent more than an hour attempting to put this bastard up.  F$@* you, IKEA.  F@#& you and your ridiculous curtain panel system and stupid directions.  I got the wall brackets mounted – in a way that is not structurally sound at all – but then could not figure out how to attach the rail to the brackets.  I watched videos, I googled IKEA sites, I found pdfs for mounting.  Nothing answered my question.

The current state of this project.

The current state of this project.

Sarah vs. IKEA… Winner: Sweeden.  I don’t even know what my next step is here.  

Ending on a positive note… Months ago I saw a picture on Pinterest something like this…

Gross old end table into super cute cat bed/end table!

Gross old end table into super cute cat bed/end table!

D and I completed this project months ago – finding an old end table at some thrift store, D took off the doors and spray painted the hardware for me and we painted it.  I put a blanket in it and had it as my nightstand and the cats never got in it.  Bummer.  When I moved into the house I put that table in my tv room and put in a real cat bed instead of just a blanket.  And today, I’m thrilled to say Quinn is making herself at home in it pretty regularly.


She loves it.


Sarah vs. kooky DIY projects… Winner: Quinn.  It’s adorable and functional.  She and I are both very happy with this turn of events.  


Kitchen update

The walls are now mint…

The before!  Yellow walls, oak cabinets and bad fake "tin" backsplash on one side.

The before! Yellow walls, oak cabinets and bad fake “tin” backsplash on one side.

The after!

The after!

My countertops are in production now and I should be getting a call next Friday to let me know that they’re done and to schedule installation for the following week.  This means I can hopefully tile the backsplash the weekend of July 26th and thus ending the month of kitchen transition.

In that time I need to install two light fixtures – hopefully that is happening today.  My pal Kristy is stopping by and between the two of us I’m confident that we can do this.  I need to paint the trim in the kitchen still.  I also will paint this little table/breakfast bar that I’ve had in my kitchen since college.  It’s a light pine and I’m thinking of painting it white.  And then there’s the wallpapering of the accent wall.  That took a different turn.

I was all set on this:

Loved the coral

Loved the coral

Until I saw this…

Yup.  This is happening.

Yup. This is happening.

Okay, people of the internet – I can hear you cringing.  It’s not exactly what I was expecting, but it makes me laugh, and it’s fun, and I have photos of spoons in my dining room so why not line art kitchen utensils in the kitchen?!  Plus, I need to embrace this kind of stuff while I don’t have to consider anyone else’s taste while I can, right?  It is much more orange than coral, so I went to Pinterest for some validation that I haven’t made a fatal color error.  Pinterest says I’m good:




The gray lower cabinets are probably now the odd color out, but honestly, the cabinets will be around longer than this accent wall, so I’m not too concerned.  Plus, accent wall is on the far side of the kitchen, away from the cabinets.  Anyway, it’s already done.  I ordered the wallpaper and it should be here in time for this to be next weekend’s adventure.

Happy weekend friends.


Freedom from oak cabinets (Happy 4th!)

I didn’t really mean to take on the kitchen.  I was going to paint and decorate my bedroom next, make it a good “me” space.  I don’t really know when it became about the kitchen, but all of a sudden the terrible yellow wall/oak cabinet combination could be tolerated no longer.

I’ve been a fan of Annie Sloan chalk paint for sometime.  D and I finished three projects with the stuff – my dresser turned tv stand, a little decorative end table I’ve made work in every place I’ve lived since college, and an end table we turned into a table/cat bed.  (I’ll post a picture sometime – it’s really cute and fun).  Anyway – the beauty of chalk paint is no sanding or priming.  It’s a thicker paint that dries quickly.  I don’t know how they make it magical, but it is.  You can visit the website for more information, or google Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Cabinets and you’ll find plenty of people who have taken on their kitchens with the stuff.  I read more than a dozen recaps of kitchen cabinet painters, most with chalk paint, but some with some awesome Benjamin Moore paint.  I leaned heavily towards the chalk paint because I am just not set up for all the steps for regular paint.  I would need to buy saw horses so I can sand and prime the doors once I took them off the boxes.  If I set that up in the basement the cats would most likely jump on them during the 24 hours of drying you need between each coat of primer and paint.  I don’t have that set up or that time.

Inspiration pic

Inspiration pic

I have been loving the darker lower cabinets and white upper cabinets.  I picked up French Linen for the lower cabinets and Pure White for the upper cabinets.

**Note about Pure White Annie Sloan paint.  Pure White doesn’t have the pigmentation or coverage of their colors.  It is recommended that you buy Old White or Cream to paint first for coverage and then top it with Pure White.  Annie Sloan paint does not come cheap, but I wanted a decent finish so I did as instructed.  I know I’ll find use for the rest of the Old White (my base coat color).

The before!  Yellow walls, oak cabinets and bad fake "tin" backsplash on one side.

The before! Yellow walls, oak cabinets and bad fake “tin” backsplash on one side.

No good.  Step 1 - the backsplash goes away.

No good. Step 1 – the backsplash goes away.

Thursday night success.

Thursday night success.

Friday morning - painting begins!  I started on the lower cabinets.  Two coats total.

Friday morning – painting begins! I started on the lower cabinets. Two coats total.

Halfway there - time for lunch!

Halfway there – time for lunch!

The bottom cabinets went very smoothly.  I did two coats and everything looks great.  I still need to put the wax coat on, but want to give the paint some time to dry overnight.

I started on the upper cabinets and did the base coat of Old White.  I used the Annie Sloan paint brush.  I don’t think I load enough paint onto my brushes.  This paint goes on better with a thicker coat.

After Old White base coat.

After Old White base coat.

I was a little concerned about the streaky look.  I resigned at this point to paint two additional coats of Pure White to get a smooth finish.  I got right to work on the next paint.

Looking better....

Looking better….

At this point you may be noticing I did not paint the inside of the cabinets.  It was my plan to do so.  And I may do so at some point.  Once I saw how much paint was needed on the front, my first priority was to make sure I had enough paint to get the outside.  Again – this stuff is about $40 a quart.  First things first.  After the second coat I still saw some streaking.  I read that if you thin out some of the paint with water you’ll get a smoother coat.  One blogger who did this said she just got two plastic cups; one with water and one with paint and dipped her brush int he water, then in the paint and then painted the cabinet.  I took that approach for coat three.  I’ll post a picture of that tomorrow.  The light was not as good with just the kitchen overhead lighting (…add that to the list of things to replace next in the kitchen project…).  Three full coats later, 9:30pm, I called it a day.

Tomorrow morning I’m getting up, working out, maybe getting breakfast, then going to Lowe’s to get the wall paint.  Another full day on this fourth of July weekend!


Whole 30, Day 21.

I want to bake a cake.  I want to make cookies.  I want to eat Nutella out of a jar.  I want to bite into a burrito, or a burger.  I want to go out to eat.

This was me last night.  The Whole30 Timeline warns of the Day 21 food boredom/loss of appetite and it hit me yesterday (on Day 20).  I am glad I had plenty of leftovers, it made it easy to heat something up.  If I had to come up with something to cook, I don’t think I could have done it. I distracted myself with so much errand running for most of the morning.  TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, pet store, and Sherwin Williams.

The first two were stops because I realized I do not have a pretty casserole dish.  I’m making a blueberry crisp for a dinner party I’m having this week and have nothing pretty to make it in.  I mostly just make dessert for one or two people and I have lots of individual sized dishes.  This makes me laugh.  I’ve spent years collecting mini sized things and I find myself needing an actual casserole dish.  Neither TJ or HomeGoods had a casserole dish.  Boo.  The search continues.

The stop at Sherwin Williams was to look at wallpaper books.  The kitchen transformation will begin after the dinner party Tuesday night.  I decided the order needed to be:

1. Tear down old backsplash

2. Paint cabinets

3. Make final decision about paint color once I see the cabinets

4. Paint wall

5. Get new countertop installed

6. Put up new backsplash

I originally thought I would paint the walls first, but I am having a hard time picking the final wall color.  Oh Malcolm Gladwell, you are so on point with the fact that more choices is not freeing.  It can be paralyzing.  I was so sure I wanted the mint walls with some coral accents.  Then I thought I might like to wallpaper an accent wall in the kitchen.  I thought about a gray background with a bigger print. Then I started looking at wallpaper books.  I couldn’t believe how many books Sherwin Williams had!  Soo many!  That made me question the wall color again.  I now have 5 colors painted in 5 different spots in the kitchen…

How do they look in this light?

How do they look in this light?

What about here?

What about here?

If I go with my original pick for wall color, I could do a big coral print for the accent wall...

If I go with my original pick for wall color, I could do a big coral print for the accent wall…

Or, here is an option for the  gray background, but I don't love that it's metallic.  I don't think that will blend with the rest of the kitchen.

Or, here is an option for the gray background, but I don’t love that it’s metallic. I don’t think that will blend with the rest of the kitchen.

Then, this wallpaper made me reconsider the wall paint...

Then, this wallpaper made me reconsider the wall paint…

I think once the cabinets are painted I’ll be able to see my original vision come into focus.  I can always decide later about the accent wall.

The process starts Wednesday!  I can’t wait to share the process and what I learn along the way.

In the last 96 hours…

I’ve spent some time in 4 states.  (Ok, so 45 minutes in Atlanta during a layover was one of those times.)

I bought myself flowers.

I was so tired I don’t remember most of Monday.

I decided I need to IMMEDIATELY become a foster parent.

I fell in love with Seth MacFarlane.  I am shocked by the amount of haters for his Oscar hosting stint.  He is handsome and charming and talented and he truly has the potential to be the next Billy Crystal – the all time greatest Oscar host.  Was he perfect yet? No.  But he’s got it.  (In more Oscar news, I got 16 out of 24 categories correct on my Oscar ballot.  I broke a cardinal rule of Oscar predictions – the Victorian movie always gets Best Costumes!  It was a rookie mistake.)

I had to break it to someone that Neil Patrick Harris is gay.

I bought 2 new Jonathan Green books (author of The Fault in Our Stars).

I made a list of Pinterest projects I want to start doing.

I started a mini revolution at grad school.


I’ve been kind of a cranky mess since grad school weekend ended this past weekend.  It is both a blessing and a curse that I have such high expectations for the people and opportunities in my life.

Rather than talk about grad school weekend, let me tell you another story about Sarah and her snarky high expectation ways.

Picture it: The day before my college graduation.  I had been chosen as a representative from my major to join other reps from their majors and have lunch with the Dean of my college.  I was stoked.  I took this as a real honor and was really looking forward to talking about the Hotel/Restaurant program and it’s place within the College with the Dean.  (For some strange reason, this major was in the College of Agriculture and not the College of Business, which often led to it being the ugly stepchild and not getting enough funds or recognition.)  I show up to the University restaurant to find some stand in for the Dean.  He had some excuse about the Dean being busy or whatever and the group had some totally superficial conversation with whoever that guy was.  To make matters worse, the Dean strolls in half way through lunch to make his apologies and point out that he needed to take some other people to lunch.  He shakes our hands and then sits down a few tables over with a group of men.

I. was. pissed.  Furious.  It’s one thing to cancel, it’s quite another to cancel on us and then show up with a better date.  I get back to my apartment later that afternoon and send my favorite professor a recap of the lunch, as I had promised to do.  I had a pretty good relationship with that professor and was fairly candid in my opinion of the Dean’s behavior.  I’m pretty sure I used “bullshit” at least once.  I tagged it with, “I was a good student and a great ambassador of this college during my internships.  I deserved to be known by the Dean.”  Or something like that.  I sent it to my professor.  But I couldn’t be done then.  I opened up the email I just sent and decided to forward it to the Dean as well.  It was already late Friday afternoon and I walked at graduation at 11am the next day.  I was counting on him never seeing that email before I graduated and just sent the email on principle.

My mom and aunt get to town that night to help me finish packing my apartment and I tell them the story.  Mom rolls her eyes and tells me she hopes I’ll still graduate tomorrow and not end up on some kind of probation with 12 hours left of undergraduate life.

I’m at graduation and in line and ready to go.  They call my name and I walk across the stage and begin the shaking hand process.  I grab my degree and go to shake the Dean’s hand and he stops me.  On stage.  He starts fumbling into his robe.  Meanwhile, several things are happening at once… My aunt is sure he’s going to pull out some kind of weapon and take me to task, the line is backing up behind me because the person calling the names was clearly not expecting improvisation on the Dean’s part, and I’m nervously looking into the crowd.  Dean pulls out a small wrapped present and says, “I just want you to know, I heard you, Sarah.”  I mumble thank you and keep going.  As I make my way back to my seat several seated classmates ask what the Dean gave me.  I have no idea.  I get to my seat and unwrap this small package and there is a really nice (and I’m not being sarcastic) SIUC keychain.  It’s a really fancy keychain – as fancy as one can be.

That story has kind of an interesting ending.  And it’s been a great story of my life – one I tell at parties.

But, being a malcontent doesn’t always have a happy ending.  (See me getting fired for standing up to HR Director at my last casino job.)  Anyway – sometimes I wish I could just accept stuff.  I wish I didn’t always demand others do their best and then some.  But…I’m not sure I can say that either.  If we don’t hold others to high expectations – what happens to the world?  We settle into a mediocre existence?  I don’t want that.  I may live a small life, but I want it to be extraordinary in it’s own way.


I’m going to return to the angsty week I’m having.  Internal struggle and conflict abound.

I’ll end with the Pinterest products I’m lining up for this weekend.  Happy thoughts…

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


No, I’m not drunk.  Tonight.

It was one of those days where I did the exact opposite of “live each day like it’s your last”.  If this were my last day on earth, I have to say, I fail at life.  Start to finish this was the blah-est day I’ve had in quite some time.  I think there’s something to a post grad school weekend slump.  I’m still tired and miss my school friends and no amount of positive mental attitude-ing was going to make my job okay today.  I’ve spent the last two days coming home from work and immediately falling asleep, only to wake up late in the evening, throwing off my already crummy sleep schedule.

Yikes.  I am crabby.

I was doing some super fun Pinterest browsing to cheer myself up and found my next project!  I need a new tv stand very badly.  My current one is this super cheap thing I bought when I moved to Chicago and it’s devoid of any character or charm.  (Much like me today!)  I saw a picture on some blog of a dresser they repurposed to become a tv stand and I LOVED it!  I couldn’t remember the original blog I saw it on, but PINTEREST TO THE RESCUE!  All I had to do was search “dresser tv stand” and I found several options.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

This project fulfills the need to get a better tv stand, repurpose old furniture, and get a little crafty. I’ll have to start checking out Craigslist for an old dresser I can score inexpensively and then begin working out a construction plan. I can handle just adding plywood reinforcement to create a shelf. I may have to call upon the Hamptons or my brother in law to help out some…I don’t think I have the right saw for the job.

There it is. The idea that offers some salvation to my otherwise waste of a day.

Advent calendars

It’s the day after Thanksgiving.  I can start talking about Christmas without people grouching at me about Thanksgiving not being over yet.  One of those people is always my sister.  Granted, her birthday is often on Thanksgiving day (as it was this year) so she has a particular fondness for the day.

The glass says 29 forever. She is really struggling with the idea of being 30.

Since I like to celebrate the holiday season I welcome starting as soon as I can.  Which is one reason I love Advent Calendars. I bought a really beautiful one when I moved in with Ex Hubs from Restoration Hardware.

They no longer sell it, according to the Restoration Hardware website.  I actually found this picture on Ebay – where they are selling for $300!   I know it wasn’t cheap, but it sure wasn’t that.  I’m pretty sure Target sells a reasonable facsimile.  So, if any of you reading this are people who are drawn to ebay for this item – check out Target first.  Or, offer me $500.  I’ll forgo sentimentality for $500.

Anyway, it was fun to stuff it with notes (like directions to where to meet me for a surprise dinner) or trinkets (like Chap Stick – there was always Chap Stick) while I was married.  I have it now but don’t think I’ve pulled it out the last few years.  Filling it myself for myself to open up seems just a bit sad.  I can see it now – notes that say, “Dear Sarah – you’re awesome! Love, Sarah”.  I think doing that might me me decidedly unawesome.

Nonetheless, I still love the idea and today, with the help of a billion holiday emails now in my inbox, I found a link to this!  25 Advent Calendar ideas.  Two include booze, of which I am a big fan.  Some are too crafty, even for me.  All would be fun.

Photo from ::here::

Any way to draw out the celebrating and take a moment each day to smile is okay with me.


Happy Holiday season friends!

Halloween 10k

I ran the Halloween 10K this morning, sponsored by Go! St. Louis.  I even ran in a (sort of) costume.

Picture it: Last fall, I decide I want to run the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon.  A friend of mine supports me by buying me this blue glitter skirt.  (Thanks, Katie!)  Blue glitter skirt hangs out in my closet, just waiting for the right moment.  That moment was when I found this article that had a super easy DIY cinderella costume.  Yesterday I spent about 2 hours in my craft room creating a Cinderella running costume.  And, all it took were two long sleeve t-shirts, needle, thread and tape – just like the article says!


I cut the sleeves off a long sleeve white shirt.  I used these to replicate the gloves.  I went to a few running stores to find white arm sleeves, but no one had them in white.  This worked just fine and was free!


Next up, I cut half circles from the bottom of the shirt.  These were going to be used to make the bustles at the hip.  I cut the circles and then put a few stitches along the top to create some gathers that would give it volume.  After that, I balled up some tissue paper and used packing tape to puff them out even further.


I found a super cheap running tank top that was about the same color blue as the skirt.  This was the trickiest part, attaching the shoulder detail.  I think the instructions I was following used a short sleeve t-shirt and she cut them off, stuffed them with a little stuffing or old shoulder pad and then sewed it to the tank top.  I could not make the short sleeve work.  It didn’t stretch enough, it didn’t fit right and I had to dig through old clothes to find another long sleeve t-shirt.  Perfect.  I put some quilt batting (because I have some of that just lying around, don’t you?) into the middle of it and used a basting stitch to attach the ends of the sleeves to the tank top.  This part took a while.  I didn’t get the right one on quite tight enough, but it worked.



I added a black ribbon as a choker and a sparkle headband I already had.


All the pieces were in place – including some bows on my running shoes!  Not quite a glass slipper, but that would have been uncomfortable.

The actual race

I did okay.  I was hoping to finish the 6.2 miles in 66 minutes, slightly faster than 11 minutes a mile.  I finished in 1:07.  I was using Rainbow Brite and Misty May and Kerri Walsh as my pacers for a while.  Walsh stepped out around mile 2 to tie her shoe and Rainbow Brite picked up more speed than I was ready for slightly after that.

There were two times that some mental expectations played tricks on me.  I was looking forward to walking through the water stop at mile 4.5 only to find they were out of water!  Sad!  And as well organized as most of this event was, I was surprised to find that.  I wasn’t the last runner in the race by any means, in fact, I came in just about half way.  So, almost half a race of people didn’t get water at that stop.  Not the end of the world, but I was mentally prepared for it and it threw me when it wasn’t there.  The next mental game came at the near end.  Running down 12th street it looked like we ran down and made a left to the finish.  BUT, I was wrong.  It turns out there was a right turn that did another 3 block loop and then came back to the finish line.  Once I made that right there were strong gusts of wind and I so thought about taking a short cut.  Of course, I didn’t.

You can kind of see the Arch in the background

As for how the costume held up through the run, pretty well overall!  At mile 2 I realized the bow I tied for my ribbon/choker had come untied and I just chucked it to the ground.  At mile 3 I lost the white “gloves”.  They were getting hot.  The tissue paper in my right hip bustle was starting to fall out, but I stuffed it in back in there and kept going.  I was starting to worry that if I kept peeling off accessories I’d finish the race wearing only my socks.

I do wonder how some of the people with more elaborate costumes ran.  I wonder if they regretted some of their full costumes at some point.  I saw a couple of Buzz and Woody’s from Toy Story, a full Malificent (villan from Sleeping Beauty) and some of those obnoxious full body neon suits.  I also saw no less than 5 groups of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I didn’t know those would still be a thing.  I guess people my age who grew up with them are keeping their memory alive.


There you have it – my first medal race!  I may still be wearing the medal…10 hours after I got home.


Glitter shoes!

Pinterest love is paying off.  It is officially doing what I believe it’s intention was, which is to share ideas and inspire crafty-ness.

I saw this picture:


I read these instructions.

I did this:

Take shoes that had been ruined by grates along the streets of Chicago.

Channel Martha Stewart with glue and glitter.

Start painting the heels while watching Top Chef.

Take a moment to congratulate yourself for picking the PERFECT color glitter.

Clean up mess before glitter cat footprints are everywhere, including this laptop.

Enjoy party shoes that have been given a new life!  Now…must find place to where the party shoes…

Sarah hosts a baby shower

Sitting down feels nice.

I have been on my feet since 7am when I got out of bed to complete baby shower prep and then host said baby shower.  The good news is that it was a lovely shower, several groups of the mom to be’s friends were here and everyone seemed to get along, have a nice time, enjoy the food, ooh and aah at baby gifts and celebrate our friend, of course.

Angela, the mom to be, would not be into all the pastel, so we stuck to a hot pink and orange theme.  Enjoy some party pics! (If you click on them, they get bigger and much easier to see.)  I was really proud of our pink and orange food, which included: port wine cheese & crackers, carrots, red peppers and hummus with red pepper relish, a salad with grated carrots and pomegranate seeds, bagel platter with salmon and red onion, a crostini with a sweet potato spread topped with a peppered pork tenderloin and a pumpkin penne pasta.  Desserts were pumpkin cupcakes and a cake from a local bakery that Angela loves.  I also attempted cake pops for the first time.  They went okay.  I don’t think I’m in a big rush to make them again, but I am glad to be inducted into the cake pop club made so popular by Bakerella.