The joys of home ownership

They don’t include yard work.  Not for me.  I spent five hours Saturday weeding, mulching, tearing up a 30 sq ft patch of mostly dead grass and trimming hedges (because I now own an electric hedge trimmer).  Things look nicer, and I’m sure my neighbors are happier that they can see around the out of control bush at the top of the driveway that blocked the view of oncoming traffic to the right.

I’m much happier working on the inside.  Slowly working room by room to make it my home.

I finished the last few things in the dining room this afternoon.

View from the entry way.

View from the entry way.

View from the kitchen.

View from the kitchen.

Down the road are plans to add wainscoting to the room.  I saw a picture on Houzz when I first moved in that inspired the design choices of the rug (from Wayfair) and the paint color (Benjamin Moore Pewter Revere).

This is the inspiration picture.

It was hard to find the exact right color curtain.  This Tiffany blue silk isn’t exactly on every shelf and I was trying to avoid having to make the curtains.  My dining room chairs were similar to the ones in the picture.  I will eventually fold in some white accessories to brighten up the room.

The other “room” that I feel good about saying is done is the patio.

It's just lovely in the evening.

It’s just lovely in the evening.

I am totally digging my patio.  I guess it’s technically a deck?  It sits above the garage (which is at basement level in the back of the house) so I have a nice view of the yard and it gets morning sun, making it awesome at night.  The only thing I need to add out there is citronella candles.

I have the tv room done, but don’t have great pictures of it yet.  And I’m thrilled to announce that as of this morning I have the kitchen inspiration I’ve been looking for!

Loving dark lower cabinets and white upper cabinets.

Loving dark lower cabinets and white upper cabinets.

Perhaps going with the lighter gray lower cabinets

Perhaps going with the lighter gray lower cabinets

I have a four day weekend over 4th of July and I’m going to take on the kitchen.  I currently have yellow walls and super ugly plain oak cabinets.  The cabinets are fine…they just need some paint and new pulls.  The walls are going to need painting and I may leave that color a surprise until I see how this all works out.  It’s going to be a large undertaking and I’m really excited about how it’s turning out in my mind already.  I don’t have a ton of counter space.  I wasn’t planning on replacing them right now (the current ones will work with my new design) but just for fun I may go price the ones I’m thinking about.


3 thoughts on “The joys of home ownership

  1. I love the dining room! I miss getting to do that kind of work. We finished most of our big stuff and what little stuff remains is not important enough to take on after 60 hours of work. Oh well.

    • Thanks. I don’t think it’s as cute as your dining room. I’m not the best at accessorizing. And lately I’ve been wondering if I should paint the big buffet white…or if I’ll regret that down the road.

  2. Looking good! The dining room looks great and once you find white accessories you love (don’t buy anything you don’t love!) it will look a lot like your inspiration picture. Your deck/patio is fantastic! Not sure how summer weather is in Columbus but we SO enjoyed being outside in the summer.

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