No good without sleep

I’m tired.  I have got to make a concentrated effort to get more sleep.  When I don’t, I don’t run well, eat well or think well.

I have no less than 12 tubes of mascara.  I may start a series where I review them.  Something good should come of my Sephora addiction.  Also, I should document which ones I actually like and work so I don’t need 12 different ones.  I might be able to get away with, oh, I don’t know, two.

I need to get a 2 mile run in after work.

Trader Joe’s has made my life very easy this week.  They sell this container of fresh chopped vegetables called the Veggie 8 or something, because it’s 8 different vegetables already chopped and ready to go.  I’ve been adding a cup of those to some couscous or quinoa, and top it with some TJ hummus and TJ frozen falafel for a fantastic lunch or dinner.  I have it next to me for lunch today.  I also added some grape tomatoes.  I should have taken a picture…

Summer vacation plans may be switching up.  Instead of Seattle/Vancouver (I’ll still get out there, Rebecca!) it may be Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Mmmm.  I don’t know anything about the Outer Banks, but it sounds nice.  Condo near the beach, relaxing with books and a cooler full of food, renting bikes to ride, playing mini golf and not worrying about a real agenda for a few days.  It sounds nice, yes?  And for my mini vacation next week…a return to Chicago.  I haven’t been since I left in October 2009.  I haven’t had a desire to go back since then.  I was worried it would be full of ghosts and bad memories at every corner.  But, that’s not the case any more.  I like it there and was usually very happy there.  I used to say it was where I felt most at home.  It was a good thing that I found my corner of the world in St. Louis that felt that way, but it’s time to revisit the city I loved.  Running or roller blading along the lake, drinks at the top of the Hancock building or at a champagne bar in River North, dinner at a new restaurant (as some of my favorites are no longer there – sad), trips to my favorite museums, brunch in my favorite spots, whiskey at Rocks…It’s time.

I’m addicted to Gossip Girl on Netflix.  I’m finally watching it and it’s good soap opera fun.  And Blake Lively is gorgeous.  And the clothes are out of this world.

Ok.  Writing break is over.  Back to work.

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