Not a darn thing

I didn’t do anything today. 

I didn’t do anything tangible.

I woke up late due to my late night last night.  I got coffee from downstairs and made a really great egg sandwich on a bagel with tomato and avocado.  I think I watched Gilmore Girls on TV during all of this.  

Around 11 I told myself I had to do homework until 3, then I could work out, then the evening was to be spent cleaning up my apartment.

None of that happened.  I stared at my laptop for a long time.  I have my book and notes on my desk.  I just sat here and stared and wondered what website would have the answers I’m looking for.  I tried to put on white noise tv shows in the background – ones I’ve seen so many times I don’t need to watch.  Didn’t help.

By 3pm I decided I was over this and moved into the working out phase of my day.  I did a Zumba toning dvd and an Exhale Core Fusion sculpting class dvd.  I was hoping working out would provide me clarity.  

Not so much.  I feel like I did something right after my workout.  But still nothing productive.  

I sat back down at my laptop.  This time to write it out.  Not on this blog, I simply opened up Pages and began to type.  And I typed a long time.  And then I changed out of my sweaty workout clothes.  Only to find a notebook in my room and write some more.  

Here’s what I came up with:




And lastly…


Okay – so some not so serious sentiments.  But I’ve had a long day of deep contemplation and I’m ready for bed.  So I can do double time on all the things I meant to do today.  

Starting with a run tomorrow morning!  I am going to treadmill it tomorrow because it’s hot as heck already here this weekend in St. Louis.  

Lastly, I’m on the bandwagon of loving the Harvard Baseball team’s Call Me Maybe video on You Tube.  Good clean fun for everyone!  

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