“I get knocked down

But I get up again

You’re never going to keep me down”

I got some disappointing news today.  I had interviewed for a new position at my company several weeks ago.  It was a project manager position under the Director of Organization Development.  Could that be any more perfect?  Well, I didn’t get it.

I was sad.  I had been hopeful and optimistic.  It was such a great opportunity to move into the field I’m studying, have more of a mentor as a boss and, selfishly, get a more regular schedule.

I didn’t get much done at work after getting that news.  I was bummed.  I left work a half hour early.  I came home to run and shake it off.  And shake it off I am.

I treated myself – with flowers!  The gentlemen at Botanicals Design Studio were so kind when I told them I was looking for a bouquet to cheer me up.  They put together some colorful flowers and wished me a better week.

Pretty (and tall!) flowers

Then I went for a run.  I laced up the shoes and went to the park.  I tried not to focus on the running and focused instead of all the things I have to be grateful for instead.  I don’t want to get bitter and resentful.  So, I thought about the beautiful weather, the furry cats, the girlfriends you can talk dirty with and the friend you can tell everything to, the opportunities to help someone else out, still being employed and having the ability to focus more on school and running.

The universe is telling me I’m on the right track.  I got three emails from friends or colleagues thanking me for something or other.  I’m not so bad, after all!  I sent the most belated Christmas present ever to my friend Cyndi and she was so happy with it – yay!  I sent a recommendation/introduction email to a woman I used to work with on behalf of a former colleague who is interested in a position with her company and that friend was so grateful.  I also wrote a recommendation letter on LinkedIn for a woman who used to call on me when I was the training manager at the casino and she sent me a note of thanks.  It was nice to come home to those notes.  Put good in the world, get good back.

Also after my run, I was thirsty.  I opened my fridge, which was weird because I don’t keep a lot of beverages in my fridge.  I forgot I had some Coconut Water in there that I bought on a whim at the store last weekend.  Seemed like the perfect post run drink while I made dinner.  The package declares that it’s the ideal hydration beverage.  I took one sip and I made a face.  It was not good.  I took another.  It still wasn’t good.  This surprised me.  I love coconut.  I did not like this coconut water.

Sorry, Vita Coco. Not for me.

I’ll use the rest in my smoothies this week.  Perhaps that will help mask the taste of it.  I did make a smoothie dessert (sans coconut water tonight).  Tonight’s smoothie was a banana, almond milk, 2 T of peanut butter, 1 T of cocoa powder and a sprinkling of cocoa nibs.  Add ice and blend!  Super good!

And to top off my feel better night was the season finale of How I Met Your Mother!  There were two episodes tonight and wooooo!  SPOILERS AHEAD!

I love you, Ted Mosby!  I love the girl from the past who returned, I love the decision they made at the end and I can’t wait to see what happens.  I’m slightly confused by the image of Robin at the end.  I’m thrilled for Barney and Quinn, so I’ll be sad if that doesn’t work out.  But mostly, Ted Mosby, go get her!  And if it doesn’t work out – come and get me!

Seriously – don’t you remember how great they were! They were great together. So fun. I want this to work!

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