Team in Training

I’ll run because I can.

When my classmate told me about Team in Training I just knew it was a right time, right place, right organization moment.

I want to finish what I set out to do and I like the accountability this program will give me.  Even better, I like that there’s a higher purpose than just accessorizing, which was pretty much my goal with the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon plan.  In order to be a part of Team in Training you have to raise money, and not an insignificant amount.  For me, the goal is $2000.

I’m proud of the work the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) does with the money raised.  This program really does benefit me, the runner, and the LLS.  I’ll get running coaches and work outs designed for me and join the Team in Training group at the Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon in October as a participant.  They’ll get money raised.  75% of all funds raised go directly to their mission of providing benefits and research.  The St. Louis chapter alone:

  • contributed $133,800 in financial aid to patients
  • Provided co-pay assistance of $805,168
  • Served over 5000 patients and families with financial support, education and support groups
  • Provided school curriculum/orientation for children transitioning back to the classroom in over 530 schools

I have some fun fundraising ideas – of course I’ll share them and their results here.

I encourage you to visit my fundraising page.  I’ll update it regularly also.  If you’re in a position to donate, that will always be welcome.  If you have a company that matches donations, please think about going to your HR office and filling out that paperwork.

I’m really looking forward to this process and creating a team environment within the larger Team in Training group. I want to keep those who donate involved.  If there is someone a donor has lost due to cancer of any kind, if they want to share that with me and donate in honor of them, I’ll add them to my list of who I’m running for.  Any and all cheering squad members are invited out to the marathon in October as well.

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