Me, the update

  1. I am in love with grad school homework.  My first assignment was to get involved in a case study simulation game, interviewing stakeholders and diagnosing an organizational issue.  It may sound strange to you, but for a nerd like me this is a gooood time.
  2. New job is going well!  I learn about 100 new things every hour about the grocery business and I think I have some valuable suggestions for the training program I’ll be running.  Yay!
  3. I saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D at the movies last night.  It was a magical movie event when I was 12 and is still a fantastic movie 20 years later.
  4. I got a facial and a hair cut yesterday.  It’s nice to have those small indulgences.  I also bought a new pair of shoes, although not the fancy work shoes I’ve had in the past.  Since new job is so much on the floor, running a grocery store, I bought some black tennis shoes for work.  I kind of love that I wear khakis and tennis shoes to work.
  5. I’m a bad money manager.  Nothing like a conversation with the ex-husband who was a fantastic money manager to remind me of that fact.  Must pay more attention to finances.
  6. I’m supposed to be writing a ten page paper *right now*.
  7. I signed up for another 5K on February 12.
  8. I’m a freak for  I love my Kindle Fire, I love Amazon Prime and I love free two day shipping.
  9. My hair stylist has some kind of super powers to make my hair curlier than I ever know it can be.  She only trimmed it, but with how curly it is right now, it looks like I got 3 inches cut off.
  10. Oliver, the cat, is still a total pain in my neck at the exact same time he’s the most adorable cat ever.  It’s tricky to be both of those, yet he pulls it off.

And that’s ten.

Back to my paper.

The New Year is here

I don’t have any resolutions to share.

I am proud of myself for not waiting for this new year to put into place the things I wanted to happen.  I applied and was accepted to grad school when I had no idea how I was going to pay for it.  But thousands of people figure out how to pay for it, right?  I knew I would too.  I didn’t wait for this year to start to begin my longest half marathon training process ever, I ran my first 5K a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t sit around and collect unemployment and wait for a job to fall in my lap.  I took on my random part time jobs where I met new people, learned new things and got out of the house, even though the combined total from those two part time jobs was never more than an unemployment check was.  My friend Claire likes to point out that I was essentially volunteering during this time because I still got partial unemployment during that time.

I have a “word” for 2012.  It’s FOCUS.  I have three big undertakings in 2012, things I began in 2011 and are only going to get more intense:

  1. Disney Princess half marathon training for Feb ’13  (I know – longest training process ever.  I know.)
  2. New job.  As a corporate trainer that has just moved to an entirely new industry (casinos to groceries) I know there is much to learn on top of a very rigorous training schedule.
  3. Grad school.  So much reading!  I’ve always been smart, but I’ve never been an exceptional student.  Creating good study habits is going to be a challenge.

Making time for all of these things in addition to life getting in the way is going to be my challenge.  Therefore, I choose to FOCUS this year.  So, instead of creating a list of lofty goals and books to read and instruments to tackle – I’ll FOCUS on these and see what else happens.

This new year snuck in.  I’ve been sicker this week than I can remember being in a long time.  I’m fortunate to never have sinus or allergy issues.  I’m experiencing my first sinus infection and it is wiping me out.  From a couple of days before New Years Eve until last night I was pretty much bed bound.  I had a few friends over for New Years Eve, but even they were out by 10pm.  I was even driven to purchase and experiment with a Neti Pot for the first time.  I have a few friends who swear by them and I will admit I felt relief after using it.  Also glad I live alone while using it.  Least sexy thing ever, I imagine.

Happy New Year to all of you.  I’m excited to enter this year with intent and purpose.  And a place to share it all.