Simple things

If you’ve known me for even a minute, you may know that I go back and forth on wanting to be a runner.  It’s something I want to say about myself.  That I run.  It’s how I want to see a new city, to go for an early morning job.  I want one of those widgets on the side of my blog that tracks how many miles a week I run.  And after watching the marathon, I want to run for the accessories, like running skirts.

Here’s what my ultimate running goal is: The Disney Princess 1/2 marathon.  Yes.  I first heard about it just last year.  With the year this was, dedicating myself to training for it did not take priority.  But I want to do it.  I want to be a part of this experience.  I want the tiara shaped medal you get.  And just LOOK at this video…

Check out these fun outfits!!  Last night I was on the treadmill and the thought that got me through the workout was how to fashion a tiara to a headband that will keep my hair out of my face.  Hey, you have your motivation, I have mine.

I clearly won’t be ready for the 2012 race.  So, this is a 2013 goal.  Which is perfect in another way.  Disney World is adding and expanding the Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom and all updates should be done by then!  I see 1/2 marathon and Disney vacation in my (year away!) future.

More things making me happy right now – Newsies is coming to Broadway!  Newsies is a live action Disney musical about newsboys in 1899.  I have loved it since 8th grade.  It’s where my true love for Christian Bale began.  And it’s coming to Broadway!!  I’ve already contacted my East Coast friends – I’ll meet them there in April!

"Dis is for da Newsies!"


I love that butternut squash is in season.  I love that it’s so chilly at night and my cat Quinn is extra cuddly.  I love that it’s fall movie season and I have plenty of free time right now to see all the ones I want.  I love that my friend Claire told me it’s not that I have quit things in the past, it’s that I picked the wrong thing to begin with.  I love the song that plays on the Lowe’s commercial right now ( where you can come home to me..).

Mostly, though, I love that I can dress up like Tinkerbell to run a race….stay tuned for progress.  I feel good about this.


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