I became a mac…and some other stuff

I was talking to a colleague who was teasing me about blogging once and he said he once saw a compilation video of a bunch of video bloggers who had taken breaks of some kind and then came back and inevitably opened with, “Did you miss me?”

I’m not that vain.  I don’t think anyone’s world stopped when I took an unexpected pause in blogging.  I didn’t even mean to do it.  I had a bad day.  And I wanted to write about it.  And I didn’t want to write about it.  Not writing won.  And it’s won for too long.

I have made the switch from PC to Mac, largely in part to a very persuasive boyfriend, a computer crash and a really expensive replacement laptop battery.  And I secretly want to be one of the cool kids.  Being a mac means I’m mastering hosting my blog on my site.  Mastering, as in, I have not mastered yet.  It’s there, it’s published, it may take some time to look like what I want.  All that matters is that I wrote something today.

You may not have missed me, and that’s okay.  I missed you.  Come get to know me all over again at the new place:

Cake For Breakfast

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