A Tale of two Christmases

As I write this I’m in the Richmond airport, where I’ve been since 8am, where I’ll be until 4:30pm.  That is just one piece of a nutty travel story, of which I’m frustrated by.  On the other hand, I had most perfect Christmas a few days ago and I’d rather tell that story, than my tale of travel woe and how much Delta can suck it.

Snow started falling pretty hard in St. Louis Christmas Eve.  I was going to pick up Adam Science and he was staying with me that night so I could drive him to the airport early Christmas morning.  By the time I got to his house it was extra nasty.  My boy with Vermont in his blood drove back to my place as the roads were worse in just the 40 minutes since I had left.  This meant I chose to opt out of my big family Christmas Eve event.  My family is very close geographically so I didn’t miss anyone who had flown in.  Instead, with snow coming down outside, Adam Science and I had a very merry Christmas of our own.  We exchanged gifts that night and it was a lovely night.

Adam got me a unicycle.

I’ve always wanted a unicycle.

I’ve always thought that since I was really good at riding my ten speed with no hands that I’d be really good at riding a unicycle.  I’ve never actually bought myself the unicycle.  Adam Science did.

He also got me the same kind of pasta maker that we used at a class we went to several months ago.  Fresh ravioli and fettuccine and lasagna is in our future. 

In addition to so much fresh bread!  Since I have met Adam he has talked about baking bread and using a process that used a dutch oven.  He never buys himself the dutch oven. I like bread.  I want him to bake bread for us.  I buy him the dutch oven.  And a cookbook entitled Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day.

We woke up to a perfect White Christmas.  
I wanted to take pictures.  He wanted to throw snowballs at me.  The park was beautiful and quiet and empty.  We imagine everyone else was at home opening up presents from Santa Claus.  

After our walk we went back to my apartment.  We made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.  We played video games that we had received for Christmas – NHL Slap Shot for him and Just Dance 2 for me.  We each looked pretty silly playing each others respective games.  I absolutely love him for dancing around my apartment trying to beat me at the dancing game.  In the interest of full disclosure, he did beat me once…out of four rounds.  I had to run up to another family gathering for a bit, but got home pretty early and we curled up on a couch, tree lit, furry cat with us and watched Elf.  Does it get better than that for Christmas??

It would come to pass that his flight on Sunday would be cancelled as well.  We would spend another day together and hanging out at my apartment.  He watched football while I made cookies.  We met some friends for coffee.  We got Chinese take out for dinner. 

He never made it to Virginia.  I did (hence the Richmond airport).  I got to spend time with his mother and that was so important to me as Adam is growing more and more important to me.  I am able to see a bigger picture regarding him now, where he came from and how he inherited some of his traits and mannerisms.  I’m sad I didn’t get to meet his sister and grandmother (that would have been tonight, but I’m sure the idea of me at Christmas dinner without Adam seemed weird to them – it seemed a little weird to me.  I don’t doubt they would have welcomed me, but I’m still a stranger.)  Most importantly, there were baby pictures!  (What is it with girls and baby pictures of their boyfriends?)

As I write this it becomes very easy to focus on the bright side.  I’ve been frustrated and exhausted and helpless for most of the last 24 hours.  How easy it could be to forget that three days ago I had the perfect Christmas with the perfect boy.  This flight and airline nonsense is a mess and it is frustrating and I do have several choice words for Delta.  In the end, it’s one silly day.  I have two more days of vacation left when I get back.  I see Wednesday and Thursday full of scrapbooking and cooking and laundry (?) and maybe even a trip to the Science Center to see the Grossology exhibit. 

After all, ’tis the season to be jolly.


3 thoughts on “A Tale of two Christmases

  1. Oooh, I'm sorry about your crappy travel experience! Miserable! I'm glad that you got to celebrate Christmas early though and that it was both enjoyable and memorable :-) Hopefully you've made it out of the airport by now and are enjoying the rest of your holidays!

  2. Hi Sarah! I actually remembered your blog address! It was nice meeting you and your mom in line at the Pioneer Woman book signing. Take care and maybe I'll see you at the next signing, whenever that may be. =)-Julia

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