Dinner with Rachel

After a crazy and hectic weekend full of party prep and Pride Fest adventures, I was ready to chill out and make some yummy food and then proceed to eat most of it. I had caught an episode of Rachel Ray where she made some chicken taquitos and they had been on my mind since then. So, I went for it last night. They were AMAZING! They were restaurant quality and so delicious. I made them as directed, but altered the cooking time. I had read the reviews of the restaurant and they recommended cooking them a little longer if you liked a crispier tortilla. So, I baked them for 20 minutes, pulled them out, poured some store bought green tomatillo salsa on top and some shredded cheese and put them back in for about 5 minutes. I think that made it perfect for me. I made the red sauce from the recipe also, and it was okay, but I prefer the green salsa. I encourage you to try the recipe and I hope you enjoy them!

One thought on “Dinner with Rachel

  1. I love it when a recipe I've been drooling over turns out to be as good (or better!) than I hoped. Guess I need to add these to my "must try" list. For my sake I'm hope they're easy :-)

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